Sharp Skills

Learn how to develop your knife handling skills


discover how to get the best from your flint & flame knives and kitchenware

At Flint & Flame, we want to help you in more ways than just with our amazing knives and kitchenware – we want to inspire you to greater heights in your cooking.

So in this Inspire section of our website you’ll find fantastic recipes from our panel of celebrity chefs, you can watch inspiring short videos on Flint & Flame TV and discover how to sharpen up your knife handling skills.

As you’ll discover Flint and Flame want you to not only have the best tools available, but also the knife and cooking skills necessary to make healthy and delicious dinners (using fresh ingredients) for yourselves and your family quicker than you would be able to order and collect a take away. Getting back to fresh wholesome ingredients from the meat and fish we use to the vegetables is the bedrock to our essential elements of healthy eating. Now impress your guests at your dinner parties with the fantastic food that you will be able to prepare, and with our new engraving facility which will enable you to show of your range of steak knives with your name on them.